Food Hub - Zagreb Design Week 2017.

Services provided: curating / organization / installation design / graphic design

Food design is relatively young and unknown design discipline that is becoming more popular. It is a discipline that tries to question the way food industry works, human relation to food and the way our food habits and rituals change. Food design is multidisciplinary field and includes everything from food styling, restaurant design, conceptual, furniture and design for food industry.

In 2017. Zagreb Design Week decided to dedicate part of its exhibition to this new and exciting discipline. As a program curator of the exhibition, I decided to question myself and the audience: What is food design in Croatia? This was first year of the exhibition and this question was logical. 

Lecturers: Foodcurators - Food design studio from Rotterdam / Toolsoffood - Food design studio from Paris / Michele Rumiz - Slow Food Movement / Marita Bonacic - Interior designer in Food and beverage industry from Croatia / Tvrtko Sakota - Chef and owner of Xato restaurant from Croatia

Team: Bjelic Ana, abramovic Katja, Kodric Dora, Svilaric Marijela, Miljanovic Jelena